Something Big

Well, it’s midnight (sentimental) time again, so let’s briefly go over what we’ve been up to this month, as this is the longest break we’ve had from social media as we get ready to do something big.

I’m sure my mates who will be checking out this site know me well enough to know about my routine disconnection from the internet, which I call Project Walden. It first started in mid-2019 when I was trying to spend more time on things that really mattered to me off screen, so I stayed with my parents for a few days with no internet at all and it actually felt good to not have any distractions and I freed up time to think and talk to myself a lot. Then as time went on, it became a habit. Whenever I was feeling frustrated or unable to focus on what I needed to do, I would close all my apps and take some time for myself. This has really helped me with different aspects of my life.

But we usually take a few days off, never as long as this one, and some of my friends were starting to wonder if I was okay. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself by announcing on social media that I was going to be missing for a while, so I just changed my profile picture and bio on most social media to make sure that if people came looking for me, they would notice that I was currently on a break and they didn’t need to worry. The original plan was to take a week off to think about my current situation and change some habits, but the week felt so different and wonderful that I decided to extend it and send a few emails to close friends to let them know I would be away for longer. So here we are, so far we’ve been missing for two weeks, so what exactly have we done that’s new?

We have been thinking for a long time about our new learning patterns, about what things are really important to me and what I really want. I would say that this change doesn’t happen at any particular moment, it’s a long and cumulative process and if we’ve made some decisions, we must have thought about them thousands of times. So from now on I have decided to be a student for a few more years until we are ready for the new employment, which will be a really big change in my life, and I am sure you know what that is.

Instead of waiting and thinking at work, the main agenda of life will be study. I will go back to the way we lived when we were at university and make it even better. And the most important subject to study is English, which will be the most used tool in my future life. I think I have said many times how the last two years or let’s say the pandemic has changed me, especially in my way of life and identity. I will be writing more in the coming days about how I see myself, how I am a student and how I learn English as the beginning of this new phase, I have been preparing for this for a long time and now I know exactly what I need, that’s why we are here to write something like this.

Alright, as this is just the beginning, we’ll leave more afterwards. The past two weeks have been so good, productive and hard working. I’ve finally started doing the things that have been on my list for a long time and my daily studies and workouts have been running really well. I can feel how I am benefiting inside and outside.

Now it’s time to go to bed and do some reading. I wouldn’t say my life will change completely, but most things are already quite different and more changes are welcome.

Tommy 22 July 2022

One thought on “Something Big”

  1. When the shadows lengthen
    And touch you with their hands
    Remember that there is always someone
    someone who is looking for you
    To paint the future
    You see, someone like you
    With whom to share the flight
    And get drunk on light.
    And I would tell you, I don’t know,
    that things will go well,
    I would show you the future, the Turkish coffee,
    With angels and stars,
    nights, milongas
    And stories, do you remember?, that speak
    Of old lovers growing up,
    who doubt and wait
    Your turn as night falls
    And the world gets sick.

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