New Perspectives on Life Post-Trip

We always want to make resolutions at certain times, such as a new year, a new month or even a new week. But I am becoming event oriented as most of the physical or geographical changes in my life have also led to some shifts in my lifestyle. Especially travelling, because these are the times when I can’t continue with my daily routine, which will put a lot of things on the list, but also the times when I am exposed to an unfamiliar outside world and I have a lot of time to spend with myself and offer reflections. I will then bring a new perspective to my daily life. So, to be precise, I decide how I will live my life after each trip.

Especially after this crazy year where I’ve only been home for three weeks in the last five months, it’s also been very experimental and I’ve done a lot of things I’ve never done and won’t be doing any time soon. I’ve tried and gained new experiences and now I can judge and know what kind of life I really want, what kind of place I feel comfortable living in and what kind of people I can get along with. And now, because it’s all coming to an end, it’s also a new beginning. The main thing to do when I get home is to reorganise everything and decide what to bring to the new life. As a punishment I will stay at home for at least 5 weeks, well I know I will go on short trips around at weekends but it is still part of home.

After being away from home for two months and being on my own, I finally came back and the others were like mirrors for me on my travels. So for the new year, we’re going to fly AirAsia every two months for a two-week trip around the Asia Pacific region so that I can have enough time at home to develop my identity, immerse myself more in the local community and build stronger connections. Try to expose yourself to more opportunities and see what comes out of it.


These were my thoughts at the end of last year and so far the new year has been great for me. Everything that has happened has exceeded expectations, but it all makes sense. This has made me start to believe in karma. But that’s the way it is, all results come from what you’ve done before. So when all this happens, I’m not surprised.

I believe that every day is the best day of my life, I am the happiest and I am very grateful for everything that has happened to me. And tomorrow will be even better on the basis of what I have done today. And I know exactly what I want, because we’ve made clear plans for the immediate and distant future and all we need to do and worry about is making the best of the present. Instead of dwelling on the great future, it is more practical to do what you really enjoy and what is good for you.

So the perspective on life in this new year is to do more and think less; we have thought enough, even too much. Now is indeed the time to get your feet on the ground.

By completing the to-do list first and then resuming daily and weekly study and exercise, then life will run in the right way and lead to a brighter future. And then we can enjoy it in the best possible way.

One of the differences this year is that we have more roles at StudyPerth, which is actually the best news I got in January because I wouldn’t have missed all the events anyway now that I’m part of it. So we have more reasons to stay at home, interact with more people and be busier but very fulfilled.

Travelling will still be an essential part of my life, whether it’s urban walks, day trips or weekend trips, whether interstate or international. But, as we’ve got an AirAsia subscription this year, we can always see and plan, so don’t worry too much about that. Yeah, we’ll have a great time.

Tommy 23 January 2023

I’m talking all about after the trip, I don’t even want to have a trip at the moment because there’s so much I can do at home and I don’t get to see all my friends, but we can do it if we stop wasting time. So what do I want now? Finish all the things that belong in the past, we should be able to finish them next week, then we make sure that all the routines resume so that life progresses and then we can do fun things like continue the throwback cultural journey I got stuck on in 1972, start building my great map, get tickets for ballet, opera, theatre and concerts, plan trips to Thailand, China, Japan, Korea and the US, well we never run out of things to do so the most important thing for me is to start doing something. Enjoy it.

Tommy 28 January 2023

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