Life up in the Air

Sometimes you do really not know what will happen in your life. You will realize that not everything is under your own control, and you have to experience some trouble then you can learn a lot from that.
I’m sitting on the flight from Krabi to Bangkok, I can’t remember the exact time for me flying along this route, but I know that I will come back later. Southeastern Asia is always my best trip place. But I can feel that the times of travelling in Thailand will increase slower than recent years. Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are becoming more ideal. Thailand is a little far away so that I have to transfer in KUL SIN or DPS, the visa fee is also expensive, I spend almost 300 dollars in the immigration bureau this year. The visa of Indonesia is free, and I’ve already got the Singaporean Multiple Visa. If I add Singapore or Indonesia for my trip, I can get a free visa for up to 5 days of Malaysia. Maybe I will just visit Thailand once per year unless the colour of the cover of my passport is changed. Anyway, the most important thing currently is making more money to get rich lol.
To be honest, I was thinking if I need to learn Bahasa Melayu or Indonesian. They’re very similar to each other so I can learn both of them at the same time. But I have to say that I’m not very into these countries, and I also need to learn Phase Thai lol.

I still have lots of things need to be done as usual, but I’m spending all of my time on having fun, the feeling of wasting time makes me down but I’m just lazy. To be honest, the most important things are handling with money. I should finish accounting things as soon as possible and I have to find the job for the next half year as long as I get back to Aussie.

I still don’t know if I will need to enrol in the diploma courses again. just hope I can pass all the supplement exams because the flight ticket took me back to Perth costs more than 100 dollars. If I fail, I must have a good plan for the rest of this year to make money as much as possible and I also hope I can learn more and more things by myself. And I also wish that my road to pr can get progress smoothly.

Okay, let’s get back to the trip. My friends will leave for China on June 21st. I do really want to get back to China together with them, cos I haven’t been in China for almost 9 months, the original travel plan is getting back to Hong Kong in the afternoon of 25th, then stay in Guangzhou on 26th and take the flight to Taipei from Macro on 27th, so there’s only one day for me to stay in my motherland China. But I miss it so… I can change the flight tickets but it will cost me 600 HKD, I can’t make a choice should I stay in Thailand or just get back to China.
To be honest I think it’s okay, because I can stay at my friends’ place so I will save 4-night hostel fee, and the living cost is also pretty low.
I also need to book the tickets after Taiwan trips to get back to Australia, So I think I should wait for the final results of my exams. If I fail, and I need to get back to Oz soon, then I will change my flight to China. BUT, if I pass all the exam (Although I think it is impossible) all the trip will go as the original plan.

The plane just landed, and I will continue my Bangkok explore.

Tommy 19 Jun 2018

The First Weekend

Today is Saturday 12 May 2018, just another regular weekend.

I woke up at 12:00 then took a shower and did some sport. I find that I’m so into the big chest muscle, wanna touch other’s and also want to have that lol.

Just imagine that if I could have a good chest, I can take lots of beautiful naked pictures on the beach (I mean the Upper body lol), and I can also look better than before. I am too slim now, so just keep exercise to make myself better.

It’s been two months since I began to do some fitness. The 2 kilograms protein has been eaten more than half,  I can feel that my body is changing so fast, and I can see my chest now. Maybe I can be different when I go back to China in late June. So I wanna practice chest every day to get more progress, but it may not be good because the muscle should have some rests and there should be some gaps between two same exercises, but I just want a big chest lol. Maybe I will practice abdominal muscles tonight. This one is also good for looking.

There’re only twenty days before the final exam and there’re so many things should be done. So I should spend all of my time to study and prepare for the exams. The Engineering Principle has lots of notes and presentation and final report to write. The Effective  Communication course has a video to take, and I still have to memorize the physical formula and do some exercises to practice so that I can pass the final exam, and I have to spend a lot of time on math. My math is so weak.

Ahhhhhhhh, so busy I am. But Sunny just called me to invite me to Fremantle with her, just because she wants to eat some seafood! I said yes, cos I think I can memorize some vocabulary and write my EP notes on the way, and to be honest, I have been in Western Australia for months, but it’s the first time for me to get to Freo!

Okay, anyway let me just have fun in this afternoon, and focus on study tonight. Hope everything can be okay, and I can pass all of the exams and be a good looking muscular man lol.

Tommy, Afternoon Sat 12 May at Perth

Hi English

Hello, no matter Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening, I just want to say Welcome to Besttz.

It’s not the first time for me to write articles in English for this website, but I think that today can be a new beginning for my English Writing and get Besttz English Friendly.

I still remember the time when I set up the English environment in 2015, I started to write things in English at that time, but I quit after just a few articles. Three years past, and I am living in Australia now, English is becoming an essential part of my life. No matter for academic, daily living or working place, I have to speak English. So to practice my English skills is becoming more and more necessary.

There’s another reason for me to exercise my English abilities is for immigration. One of the reasons for me to study in Australia is the opportunities to immigrate by General Skilled Migration. It requires an excellent English ability, and I have to take some English tests like IELTS or PTE. The higher score I get, The immigration will be easier.
And because I will graduate from university in 2020, and I should apply for the visa at that time, so there’re only 2 years for me to get prepared, I’d better improve my English asap.

So from now on, I will use English to express my daily feelings and post articles on Besttz, and trying to enjoy English.

Tommy loves you, and Tommy loves English.

Tommy, Friday 12 May 26:11 AEST at Perth.