Hi English

Hello, no matter Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening, I just want to say Welcome to Besttz.

It’s not the first time for me to write articles in English for this website, but I think that today can be a new beginning for my English Writing and get Besttz English Friendly.

I still remember the time when I set up the English environment in 2015, I started to write things in English at that time, but I quit after just a few articles. Three years past, and I am living in Australia now, English is becoming an essential part of my life. No matter for academic, daily living or working place, I have to speak English. So to practice my English skills is becoming more and more necessary.

There’s another reason for me to exercise my English abilities is for immigration. One of the reasons for me to study in Australia is the opportunities to immigrate by General Skilled Migration. It requires an excellent English ability, and I have to take some English tests like IELTS or PTE. The higher score I get, The immigration will be easier.
And because I will graduate from university in 2020, and I should apply for the visa at that time, so there’re only 2 years for me to get prepared, I’d better improve my English asap.

So from now on, I will use English to express my daily feelings and post articles on Besttz, and trying to enjoy English.

Tommy loves you, and Tommy loves English.

Tommy, Friday 12 May 26:11 AEST at Perth.